A Short Life in a State of Decay: Maya Diary Entry #4

These found diaries are first hand accounts (i.e. lots of spoilers) of
what happened when the world went into a State of Decay…

Maya Diary Entry #4: Things are falling apart!

When zombies start taking over the world, it doesn’t take long for things to fall apart and for people to start going crazy. Case in point, Alan shooting the Pastor today. It happened while I was out on a supply run. Lily called me on the radio and told me I needed to head back right away. When I got there, the Pastor was dead and Alan was trying to justify his actions, by telling us the Pastor was sick and was going to turn any minute. He’s probably right, but doing something so drastic, without telling us first, is not something we want happening!

After that horrible event, I got word from Sgt. Tan, from the Army. Seems they are warming up to us survivors and they wanted me to help them out and save a few people. I went to their location and we cleaned out a house and Sgt. Tan thanked me, by giving me access to artillery strikes, whenever I need them! Awesome!

I could’ve used the artillery strikes right away, as a zombie hoard headed towards the church and started attacking everyone. I managed to get there in time to fight them off, but not before nearly dying in the process. The bastards are getting harder to maintain and defend against. We’re going to need to leave soon. I’ve talked with Sadie and she agrees and thinks the warehouse I told her about, would be a good spot to make our new home.

I headed over to the town of Marshall again and talked with Judge Lawson. She tells me they have a safe community and everything is better there. However, if we decide to join them, we have to give up our guns. Oh hell no! I’ve seen enough TV shows and movies, to know that she’s probably crazier than the damn zombies! I did talk with Sheriff Parsons in the same building and he seemed nice enough and told me that if I help them clear out some infestations, he’ll allow me to keep my weapons, basically deputizing me. I’ll think about it, but I still think Lawson is bat shit crazy.

Besides a few more errand runs and some moral boosts with Ed and Alan (who seems to be looking a little ill lately), not much else happened today. I think I’ll end this here, as today has been rough and I need a break.

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