A Short Life in a State of Decay: Maya Diary Entry #5

These found diaries are first hand accounts (i.e. lots of spoilers) of
what happened when the world went into a State of Decay…

Maya Diary Entry #5: I’m exhausted!

Damn, this is getting exhausting! I’m constantly on the go and don’t seem to ever have time to rest. Just today, I helped Sheriff Parsons clear out some infestations in Marshall and we ended up saving someone who was being overrun with zeds. That felt good saving a life, but we nearly got swarmed several times and died.

Also, Ed is starting to piss me off. One minute he is angry and the next he is sad. I go for walks with him and we clear out some zombies, but he seems to just fall back into a slump again. I’m really worried something awful is going to happen, so, I’ll need to keep an eye on him. We don’t want another Alan situation.

The only other thing I did today was gather some more supplies, mainly food and medicine and also setup some more outposts and fixed up our new home, so we have a little bit more of a comfortable breathing room in the this section of town.

I think for now though, I’m going to take a breather. Kicking zombie ass, is kicking my ass in return.

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