A Short Life in a State of Decay: Maya Diary Entry #3

These found diaries are first hand accounts (i.e. lots of spoilers) of
what happened when the world went into a State of Decay…

Maya Diary Entry #3: The Army has all the best gadgets.

I headed over to the spot that the Army wanted me to scout out today. They had me climb the billboard sign and check out the area for any large cluster of zombies. I found one and I called in an airstrike and I won’t lie, it was pretty damn awesome! That’s all they wanted me to do for now, which kinda bummed me out, as I would’ve loved to call in more strikes. Oh well, maybe next time.

After that exciting stuff, I thought it best to scavenge for some food, as we ran out over the past few days and people were getting pretty pissed off and hungry. I managed to find a whole bunch of food in town and that seemed to boost the moral some. A few survivors seemed either annoyed or depressed, so once again I went out for a walk and we cleared some zombies out. Alan is always so angry and I threatened him and told him to either cheer up, or he is out on his ass. Harsh, but it needs to be done.

I also went and checked in with the Wilkersons’ about the robberies that have been happening. They denied everything, but I still am a little suspicious, so I need to keep my guard up around them. I told Lily to let the scavengers know and keep their eyes wide open when heading out to get supplies.

Some big changes are in store for our little band of people. Jacob Ritter and I headed out to scout for some new homes. A place where we can stretch out a little and have a lot more room. So, we headed over to the town of Marshall and along the way we kept an eye out for some places. We found a large factory that was fenced in, but the amount of people that it would take to guard it is pretty high. Still, it would be roomy. Jacob showed me a house that he knew about growing up and it’s walled in and has a tree house. When we arrived, a man was stumbling outside the door and he looked to be pretty sick. He suddenly keeled over and died right in front of us. It seems a new disease is spreading and is making people sick and killing them quickly. Great, what’s next?!?

You know what’s next? The death of the Doctor, that’s what! The Doc was stupidly hanging out in the cemetery and got surrounded. I headed over to save him, but it didn’t work out as expected. He was torn apart right in front of my eyes and I’ll never forget it. What are we going to do now, with no Doctor?

Besides clearing out more zombies in the area, like armored Swat zombies, which are a pain in my ass, I also set up a few nearby outposts, which allow us a little more of a safe area and we’re able to get supplies from the place. Our safe zone is expanding, but I’m still heavily considering moving out to a larger place.

I need to rest for now…

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