A Short Life in a State of Decay: Maya Diary Entry #6

These found diaries are first hand accounts (i.e. lots of spoilers) of
what happened when the world went into a State of Decay…

Maya Diary Entry #6: A state of decay is right…

People have been going missing left and right around here. Maxwell has gone missing and Jacob Ritter is missing. Just recently however, we found one missing survivor, Jack. He was holed up in a house in Marshall, surrounded by zombies. I fought them off and saved him and returned him back to our home in the warehouse.

Speaking of our new home, I decided it was best we build a gym, new kitchen, medical area, guard tower and a garden. This will allow us to build up our skills, eat healthier and keep food longer. There was some troubles at first getting them all built, but after a few supply runs, I was able to find the appropriate materials and we are all set. Yes!

I met up with a man named Santos. It seems like he use to be a big shot, before the world went to shit. He said he likes what I’ve been doing lately, so he gave me a gift, a snazzy new car. Of course, the gift didn’t come free, as he wanted me to deliver some goods. We hopped in the car together and headed out. Unfortunately, due to me being so exhausted lately, I lost control of the car and flipped it in a field. We were completely surrounded by the zombies and Santos ran off, leaving me alone. I needed to get home, but my supplies were running low. I fought numerous zombies and nearly died several times. I managed to crawl out to the main road and found an abandoned car, that was still working. I made it, but just barely.

Becca, I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned her before, wanted me to help out with a situation she was stuck in. It turns out they want to build a better guard tower and they need some help fending off the zombies. After I rested up some, I headed on over, much to the dismay of Lily and helped them out. As one of them was building the tower, which caused a lot of noise, the zombies came out in full force. We lost one guy to an exploding car, but it effectively killed the big ass bloater that was causing most of the trouble. Do I feel remorse for having blown up the car, with the guy near by? That I can’t even answer in this personal diary. After the fight, Sheriff Parsons showed up and talked with Becca, but kept calling her Alex. I’m sure some strange shit is going on here, but do I really want to get involved?

It seems nearly dieing is a trend with my diary entries, as I almost died again today. I was up in a tower, completely surrounded by zeds and the only way for me to get out, was to call in help. So, I pulled my radio out and called in some Swat buddies I met earlier. They came to the rescue and got me out of this deadly situation. Thank god for friends with big guns.

Sgt. Tan called me up to the fair grounds entrance, on the northern part the map. It turns out the Army was holed up here and Sgt. Tan wanted to get back in, but the gate was blocked. He set some charges, while I fought off the waves of zombies. We made it and checked the area out, but it was completely abandoned. I guess the Army gave up and deemed this place a lost cause. Maybe we should do the same.

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