A Short Life in a State of Decay: Marcus Diary Entry #3

These found diaries are first hand accounts (i.e. lots of spoilers) of
what happened when the world went into a State of Decay…

Marcus Diary Entry #3: The biggest fight of my life!

I got word that a friend was in need on the edge of town, so I headed on over and found her in a house being attacked by a swarm of zeds. I used my car to kill a bunch, but managed to somehow flip it over and it exploded. Shit!

I went into the house and cleared out most of them, but not before almost getting my ass handed to me. After the house was cleared, I decided to check out some contents and in my haste to quickly search through stuff, I made a loud racket! Some more zeds came along and we had another fight. We finally cleaned them out and my friend headed on her way. I finished searching the house and decided to head back to the church. Unfortunately, the attack has destroyed all my weapons and I’ve used all my painkillers.

I’m exhausted and Lily keeps telling me I have to slow down and rest, but I keep ignoring her. I need to help people and find supplies. Yet, I also can’t not agree with her, as I can hardly catch my breath anymore. Anyway, I’ll rest when I get back to the church. It’s only a short walk across the field. What’s the worse that could happen?

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