A Short Life in a State of Decay: Marcus Diary Entry #2

These found diaries are first hand accounts (i.e. lots of spoilers) of what happened when the world went into a State of Decay…

Marcus Diary Entry #2: Time to get the hell outta dodge.

When we neared the Ranger Station, we knew something wasn’t right. Thomas wasn’t yelling at people like he usually was and things were way too quiet. We entered and that’s when we saw the mayhem and death. Everyone was dead! Ed foolishly went over to a dead guy to check on him and that’s when Ed got attacked! Idiot! I told him to watch out and he didn’t listen. Luckily he seems to be doing fine.

Ed managed to grab a walky-talky and the keys to that locked truck I mentioned before. While running over to the truck, we got a call on the radio and it was daughter of the dead guy, Lily. We decided not to tell her anything, as we needed a place to stay and they were all holed up in a church, not too far down the road. So, we got in the truck and headed there.

Who knew a truck could jump a broken bridge, I didn’t, but man was it a lot of fun! Thankfully, it didn’t damage the truck too bad, as it made it to the church. The people their squabbled a little bit, but they eventually agreed to let us in.

Ed was going to be looked after, but the doc wasn’t around yet. Much like the people at the Ranger Station, they asked me to scout out the area. So, like the good gofer boy I am, I headed up to the radio tower in the middle of town and scouted everything out. I found a bunch of houses and a vet clinic, that will have some medical supplies to help Ed. I also saw that there were a bunch more houses with survivors in them! Also, lots of zombie hordes (yes, that’s right, zombies. That’s what we’re calling them now. Zombies or Zeds) are walking around town. I gotta be careful with those guys and the zombie infestation houses (some sort of screamer zombie that will attract others, infests those homes), which this town has a few of.

I told Lily about the clinic and she advised me to check it out with some of their people. Alan, local forest ranger, thought it wise not to take a vehicle, so we walked to the clinic. We made it there fine, but got attacked while searching for stuff. We killed them all though. I also radioed in to Lily to send Maya out to pick up the rest of the supplies.

During the walk back, we got attacked again and I finally put my foot down and said we are taking a car back. Once I found one, we made it back no problem. Stupid Alan.

I had to head out and help Maya out, as she was being attacked by some Zeds. She made it out alright. She’s a tough one. I really need to ask her out sometime.

The Army is in town, but they are not willing to help. They sent me packing and offered no assistance. Something strange is going on.

Things are going good at the Church. I finally told Lily her father is dead. She took it as best as she could. I built a small sleeping area for the people (only after I found the right amount of materials) and they seem to like it. However, I really need to get Ed fixed up and find that Doctor. While I’m waiting on where he is, I’ve been clearing out the town a little and helping survivors board up their houses and fight off waves of zombies. Eventually, one group decided to join us, after they realized how much better off we are.

I also feel like I’m getting a lot stronger. Each Zombie kill makes me feel better in a bunch of different categories, such as my cardio, fighting and shooting. Even my wits feel like they’ve improved!

I also had to go get Lily’s brother, who was holed up in a barn on the edge of town. He was with a friend and they were getting attacked. I saved them and after making a diversion by honking my car horn, his friend was able to get away. So, we drove back to the church. That’s when I got word that a fellow friend was being attacked not too far outside of town.

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