A Short Life in a State of Decay: Marcus Diary Entry #1

These found diaries are first hand accounts (i.e. lots of spoilers) of what happened when the world went into a State of Decay… 

Marcus Diary Entry #1: What the hell is going on?!?

I suddenly came to on the beach and my friend Ed was being attacked by a bunch of crazed lunatics. Without thinking, I bashed their skulls in with my trusty wooden stick that I happened to have on me. Boy, do I hope I did the right thing. I saved Ed’s life, so I must’ve.

Ed’s freaking out and doesn’t know what the hell is going on, but he suggests we head up to the Ranger Station and find some help. I agree, as it seems like the only logical thing to do right now. This fishing trip sure has gone to hell. Usually, it’s so peaceful up here on Mt. Tanner and it’s great to get away from the busy work life, but right now, I would give anything to be stuck in my office answering emails.

We headed up to the Ranger Station and along the way, I ran into some more of those lunatics. I figured out, that if I crouch and walk really slow, I can sneak up on them and bash their heads in with one hit. I can also hide in bushes and they can’t see me. I gotta remember that for later.

The Ranger Station had a few people there. Some guy named Thomas seemed to be leading the group, but they didn’t know squat either. Although, they suggested I climb the water tower and scout out anything that may be of interest. What am I? Their gofer boy? Anyway, I climbed the water tower and found a bunch of tent sites, a restroom and a few cabins. While up there, Ed and I heard some gunshots, so we decided we should check out those as well. First though, the cabins. What can I say, my priorities are whack.

We ransacked the cabins, looking through everything that I could look through. A few useable items, such as health kits and some axes, which is good, cause my stick is getting pretty damaged. The axe worked great on those freaks, but it to will degrade over time. The other cabins all had the same useable stuff that I can bring back to the Ranger Station and put in the supply locker. I found a large backpack, which allowed me to carry a whole lot more. This is a good thing, as some of the tent sites had a few weapons! Finally, I can shoot those bastards, but I should try to stay quiet for the most part, as I don’t want to attract a whole lot of them. By the way, who the hell sets up a 50″ flat screen in their tent? Talk about overkill!

We also found a truck, but it was locked. Damn!

So, the gun shots! Well, first I dropped off what I didn’t need at the Ranger Station and unfortunately it went to nightfall. Things are freaky as hell at night, but Ed and I, we went anyway. It wasn’t too far down into the woods before I heard the screaming and fighting. That’s when we met Maya. She’s an attractive woman, with some nice tight fitting pants if you ask me. Maybe I should ask her out when this is all over and if I, or her, make it out alive.

It seems her friends didn’t make it, but fortunately she did and she agreed to come along with us to the Ranger Station. So, we headed back and when we got close, we realized things where a little too quiet…

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