A Short Life in a State of Decay: The Final Maya Diary Entry

These found diaries are first hand accounts (i.e. lots of spoilers) of
what happened when the world went into a State of Decay…

The Final Maya Diary Entry: ‘Tis the end.

I managed to find Jacob Ritter and Ed (yes, dumb ass Ed went missing recently). I saved them both and brought them back to home. Idiots!

I guess Ray wasn’t so mad with me when I flipped his car over, as he got me to delivery some more supplies to people and it was nice to help out some needy people and this time the car didn’t flip over and blow up. Score one for me!

Quentin wanted me to find out more about Becca, so I talked to Sheriff Parsons, to find out why he was calling her Alex. Turns out she use to be a prostitute and was just trying to start her life over. So, I decided to not tell Quentin and let her keep her past a secret. Everyone deserves a second chance and this hellish nightmare is the best reason to start over fresh.

I’ve done some training for the people at home. The survivors are building up their skills and they are really starting to become self dependent. Thank god, as I’m getting really tired helping all these dumb ass idiots.

Sgt. Tan asked to see me, so I headed over to the old Army base, where I discovered that he found a surviving soldier who was about to turn. He told us the Army abandoned any sick people and left the area. Sgt. Tan told me to leave the room and he shot him to put him out of his misery.

While I was there, we checked out the water reservoir and it turns out all the sick and dead are being dumped into the water! No wonder people are getting sick! We need to get the hell out of here. Sgt. Tan has a way to get out, but it’s going to take some time to gather up everything he needs.

Goddamn Wilkersons. I went with a few survivors that owned some money to them and I was there to negotiate the meeting and make sure everything goes smoothly. As I was leaving, the Wilkersons shot them all! They are killers and I refuse to deal with these bastards. I went to them with a giant hoard of zombies behind me and left them to defend for themselves. I hope they rot in hell!

Sgt. Tan was ready to go and so was everyone else. We headed up to the wall, that divides this area with the highway. Tan was setting up the dynamite, while we fended off incoming zombies. A bloater showed up and nearly killed us all and add on top of that, the dynamite switch was broken. So, someone had to manually set it off. Lily volunteered, but Sgt. Tan said no, he would do it. He was sick and was going to die soon anyways. Tan saved us all, but he had to sacrifice himself. Shit this world is harsh.

I gave Lily these diaries and she is going to leave them behind by the tree near the exit. She said she was leaving them for anyone else out there and hopefully it helps them. I hope these written words will give you hope that you can make it and not everything is hopeless. I hope we all survive. I hope we find a cure. I hope…

Thanks for reading my State of Decay Diaries. It was a long journey, but a kick ass one. I hope you enjoyed these little adventures and I hope you realize how great a game State of Decay is. So, remember to pick it up on the Xbox Live Arcade. You will not be disappointed!
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