A Look Back at The Terminator and Aliens Screening

I can’t believe it’s been two years since I got married and went on my honeymoon to California. That also means it’s been two years since I went to The Terminator and Aliens screening at the New Beverly Cinema in Los Angeles (much more fun than a wedding, am I right?). I’ve recently acquired the Aliens Series 1 by NECA and have been in the process of building a small diorama, so I can finally get around to taking photos again on From the Basement of Tatlock. All this Aliens stuff has got me nostalgic and I figured, due to that and the anniversary, it’s probably a good idea to post the photos from the event. So, let’s stop our grinning and drop our linen by reading on…

The Terminator and Aliens screening took place on July 16th, 2011. In fact, here is the screening information where I found out about it. The planned guests were: Michael Biehn, Lance Henriksen, Jenette Goldstein, Ricco Ross, Mark Rolston and producer Gale Anne Hurd. Unfortunately, Gale Anne Hurd couldn’t make it, but everyone else did.

Jenette Goldstein.

After the two movies finished, they came out and talked for a good amount of time. I can’t remember exactly how long, but it was at least an hour. They all seemed in good spirits. Lance Henriksen and Michael Biehn joked with each other a lot. Although, Biehn looked a little drunk, but I would be too having to deal with us crazy folks all the time!

Michael Biehn.

There was a nice Q&A, with a lot of questions about Aliens and The Terminator. I have to say my favorite part was when someone asked how Biehn felt about Alien 3 and he loudly responded “F**k Alien 3!”. That got a pretty good laugh from everyone (although, I still do enjoy the movie, but we won’t tell him that). Once the Q&A was finished, a bunch of people went up to get autographs, but I didn’t bring anything with me, so I was just planning on leaving. However, my beautiful wife grabbed me by my arm and went up to each one and said “We’re on our honeymoon from Canada and can we get a photo?”. That seemed to work wonders, as each one was ecstatic to take a photo with us. Ricco Ross even took of photo of my wife and I! Lance Henriksen put his arm around us and said we’re all on our honeymoon! It was a great way to meet some celebrities.

Lance Henriksen.

The Terminator and Aliens screening will forever be stuck in my memory as one of the best times I’ve had. It was a blast meeting some of the cast and hearing stories and taking photos. The New Beverly Cinema is a fantastic place to catch some great screenings and the atmosphere is to die for. I believe they are actually going to be showing a Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood, with film editor Barry Zeltin showing up to present the film tonight. You can buy tickets from Brown Paper Tickets.

Ricco Ross.
Mark Rolston

I hope you enjoyed this little walk down memory lane. Have any of you
guys/gals met any famous people? I would love to hear your story in the
comments section below. Until next time!

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Shannon Tatlock
Shannon Tatlock
10 years ago

Love this post! Such a great memory of an awesome trip. Love you, baby!

10 years ago

Awesome post. Terminator and Aliens are two of my all time favorite films and Biehn is probably my favorite, living, American actor.

Funny this was part of your honeymoon, I was out of town at a wedding and missed it!

Michael Tatlock
10 years ago

Thanks for the message. I'm glad you enjoyed the post.

Yeah, it was a great time. Shame you missed out.

Brian McQuery
Brian McQuery
10 years ago

I actually put this screening together and hosted/moderated. It was something I planned for over six months. Definitely one of the best days of my life! Every once in a while I hear from someone who was there that it was one of their favorite Q&A screenings. We posted the audio in my friend's iTunes podcast, THE Q&A WITH JEFF GOLDSMITH. And the video of the hour long Q&A is on YouTube. Glad to hear you had a great time!

Michael Tatlock
10 years ago

Thanks so much for putting this together! It was a fantastic time and something I'll remember forever.

Thanks for commenting and letting me and the readers know about the Q&A being posted on iTunes and Youtube! Appreciate it. 🙂

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