A Dark Place Movie Review (Shout! Factory)


A Dark Place is director Sam Fellows first genuine attempt at reaching a more, shall we say, classier type of audience, having previously directed low budget action flicks, and one too many Van Damme films. It stars Andrew Scott, in a performance that propels the film forward and adds a touch of class that might have easily been missing with a different actor.

Scott plays, Donald Devlin, a sanitation worker with Asperger syndrome, who takes an obsession with the disappearance and death of a local boy. Donald feels that there is more to the story than just an unfortunate case of an adventurous boy accidentally drowning. He begins to play investigator, and his keen eye for details leads him into dangerous territory, as certain individuals are trying to hide the truth at all costs.

A Dark Place may come across as your typical slow burn mystery with a story that seems familiar, but the performance as mentioned above from Andrew Scott is what makes the film worth checking out. You’ll find yourself gripped with the mystery just as Scott’s character Donald Devlin becomes enveloped, and you’ll want to stay with him until the big reveal. My only complaint is the tiny plot threads that lead nowhere, such as one character’s history with a baby. The topic is focused on in a couple of scenes, but nothing ever comes of it. A rather small nitpick.

Director Sam Fellows, writer Brendan Higgins, actor Andrew Scott, and everyone else involved keenly craft a mystery that will keep the viewer gripped until the end credits roll. I highly recommend checking out A Dark Place.

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