The Many Looks of Michael Myers

Halloween is creeping closer and I saw it fit to do another The Many Looks of… and who better than the king of Halloween himself, Michael Myers. Sit back and enjoy The Many Looks of Michael Myers…

Young Michael Myers (Halloween, Halloween II, Halloween 4, Halloween Resurrection, Halloween Remake, Halloween II Remake)

Like my The Many Looks of Jason Voorhees, I’ll start with Young Michael Myers, who has appeared in throughout the series.

Michael Myers (Halloween)

Such a cute, innocent looking boy. Of course, this is just moments after brutally murdering his sister, Judith Myers.

Michael Myers (Halloween II)

Here is little Mikey again, appearing briefly in Halloween II.

Michael Myers (Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers)

Jamie Lloyd has a vision of Young Michael Myers.

Michael Myers (Halloween: Resurrection)

Young Michael appeared in an alternate opening for Resurrection, that was much better than the movie. Shame it wasn’t used.

Michael Myers (Halloween Remake)

The new Young Michael Myers in Rob Zombie’s Halloween.
Young Michael wearing the clown mask, on the verge of a killing spree.
Young Michael dons the infamous mask, while stalking his sister in Halloween.

Michael Myers (Halloween II Remake)

Young Michael Myers was recast in Rob Zombie’s Halloween II.


Michael Myers in all his closet smashing glory!


Who’s got your ghost, Bob? Ghost Myers does.


Michael Myers is unmasked!

Halloween II


Michael Myers is still looking the same Halloween II, only a little more dirty and beat up.


Michael Myers after getting shot in the face in Halloween II.

Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers

Michael Myers escape again, this time wearing bandages after the fire in Halloween II.


The mask has certainly changed in Halloween 4.


Here, you can quickly see a mask with blond hair. It was only on screen for a split second.

Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers

The mask changes again in Halloween 5.


Michael pulling the different costume trick on another potential victim.

Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers

A new movie, a new mask.

Halloween H20: Twenty Years Later

Halloween H20 went through many different masks, some good and some awful. This is actually a Halloween 6 mask, which was good.


This one is just damn awful.


The CGI monstrosity.


The final mask, which I really enjoy.

Halloween: Resurrection

The mask changes again in Halloween: Resurrection. My opinion? The series should’ve stopped with H20.


Michael Myer’s burnt mask, which was fused to his face come the end.

Rob Zombie’s Halloween

At least the mask looked really nice in the Halloween remake.

Rob Zombie’s Halloween II

In Halloween II, Myers is looking pretty beat up.


We end with Hobo Myers. Urgh.

That’s it for Michael Myers. It’s amazing how different he looked through the 10 film series. He had some ups and downs, but he still always looked pretty damn cool in my opinion… well, except for maybe some of those H20 masks.

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Shannon Tatlock
Shannon Tatlock
7 years ago

What? No post of Vernon Allen as Michael Myers? For shame!

Also, the boy in the remake Halloween is definitely the creepiest. The other kids that played Michael Myers do NOT look like psychos. They look like sweet little boys. Pretty sure at that age, you can't hide your "pure evil" mentality.

Michael Tatlock
7 years ago

Who is Vernon Allen?

That was the whole point of Halloween. A sweet little boy, who randomly kills his sister for no apparent reason. Pure evil exists in all forms and it's not always the creepy, long haired, heavy metal listening delinquent. No matter how much Rob Zombie wants to force that theory down your throat.

Shannon Tatlock
Shannon Tatlock
7 years ago

As kids though, they don't have the ability to "hide" their pure evil. I think Rob Zombie got it right. 😉

Also, Tony Moran. I have no idea where that name came from!?!

Michael Tatlock
7 years ago

Michael Myers was pure evil, so he is something beyond just a normal kid, but if you look at that photo of him standing holding the knife, he has that blank, emotionless face and to quote Dr. Loomis, the blackest eyes… the Devil's eyes.

I do have a picture of Tony. It's the unmasked one in the original Halloween.

Shannon Tatlock
Shannon Tatlock
7 years ago

I disagree, but I suppose, you're the expert. 😉

That weird looking guy is Tony Moran? I'd say he aged WELL.

Michael Tatlock
7 years ago

Thank you… I think.

Well, they do have a prosthetic on his eye, reflecting the clothes hanger poked into his eye injury from earlier.

Caffeinated Joe
7 years ago


Caffeinated Joe
7 years ago

I went to a showing of Halloween IV last night at a theater in Providence. There to talk about the films was Justin Beahm, from the sCare Foundation and who is currently writing what he calls "the definitive book on the Halloween franchise." He talked about all kinds of things, but one he did mention was the blonde-haired mask from Halloween IV. He said rumors circulate that it was blonde due to the fire extinguisher or as an homage to the Ben Tramer character in Part 2, who's mask had blonde-ish hair, as well. He said the real truth was… Read more »

Michael Tatlock
7 years ago

That sounds like it was a fun time. Interesting information on the blond hair mask. I figured it was probably a goof as well and they thought no one would notice and here we are several years later, still talking about it. Haha.

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