Steven Seagal’s Dark Vengeance Fan Art Contest

Steven Seagal’s new film is out on Redbox, titled Dark Vengeance. I haven’t seen it myself yet, but I’m always in the mood for a little bit of hard-nosed action and the Seagal breaking necks and cashing cheques. Even better, if you decide to head on over to the Dark Vengeance Facebook page, they are currently running a fan art contest, where you can win some pretty sweet goodies. For all the details and more, read on…

First up, what’s the movie all about? I’ll let the synopsis and trailer take care of that:

Synopsis: Seattle’s darkest criminals force Elijah Kane and his hard knuckled team to work around the clock to track down a meticulous “Black Magic”-practicing killer in the vagrant strip club underworld. There’s even an appearance from Star Trek’s George Takei!

Okay, they had me at strip club and George Takei.

As for the contest deets, you can click the following: STEVEN SEAGAL Fan Art Contest Page for more info. It’s a little limited in information, but if you visit their Facebook page, you should be able to get more info.

In exchange for posting your best Steven Seagal fan artwork, fans earn the chance to win an Aikidogi uniform, DVD Boxed Set (both signed by Seagal), or a $25 Red Box gift card.

Be sure to check out Dark Vengeance on RedBox.

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