From the Basement of Tatlock

You’ve may have noticed a new section at the top, titled From the Basement of Tatlock. I have a lot of collectibles in my possession, be it action figures, James Bond and whatever else I can find tucked away in the corner. This new area will be where I showcase them.  So if you’re a fan of anything that your significant other makes you put in the basement (like my wife does), you’ll enjoy From the Basement of Tatlock.

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8 years ago

Given the creepiness factor of some of your collectibles, you're lucky your wife lets you keep them in the house at all! Haha!

Michael Tatlock
Michael Tatlock
8 years ago

You make a valid point. Honestly, I was under the assumption that woman liked a giant creepy collection of action figures and horror related items. Was I wrong to think that?

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